VIPKID Interview Demo

A lot of people want to earn extra mode to supplement their income by working from home.

I get it. Who couldn’t use more spending money?
It’s stressful when you live just to make ends meet.

When I heard that people worked from home, I was always skeptical. When I was proven wrong, I was glad.

Teaching Chinese kids over the internet with VIPKID has permitted me a boost to my income and so I can travel now. I want you to have the same liberty.

Let’s face it. The interview seems like a mountain to climb.

Most applicants spend lots of time watching Youtube videos of perky teachers giving them “top tips to ace your VIPKID interview demo.”
That’s fine, but there’s a much better way to prepare.

What if you could watch a REAL VIPKID INTERVIEW, over and over again? That would be swell.

Now you can.

At VIPKID Vault, Jon Vault, a successful VIPKID Teacher, provided the world with his VIPKID interview and demo.

Passing your VIPKID interview is more of a skill than it is a regurgitation of knowledge. You need to study but also you need to PRACTICE. The best way to practice is watching the real VIPKIDS interview and demo and following along, even mimicking it, until you’ve internalized the pacing, until you find your own voice.

Acing the VIPKID interview is not a passive process. But most people spend all their time preparing in a passive way (by simply watching other VIPKID teachers talk at them, giving them steps to pass the vipkids interview).

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